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Manual Self Cleaning Back Flush Strainer

Text Box: 1—Inlet,  2—Strainer Element, 3-Outlet, 4—Back Flush Drain
Text Box: How Champion  Self-Cleaning Back Flush Strainers work ?
Dirty water enters the inlet (1) and travels to the concave surface of the perforated screen (2). The water then passes through the screen and exits the outlet (3). Unwanted particles accumulate on the surface of the screen.

On activation of the rinse cycle, the rinse valve (4) is opened to drain. A portion of the water flows back through the screen, lifting the solids off. A portion of the flow also travels across the screen surface, carrying the solids to the drain 
Champion Self-Cleaning Back Flush Strainers  Feature:

Mesh Size : 1,3,5,8mm apertures
Solids removed regardless of specific gravity 
Perforated, mesh or wedge wire screen elements 
Line Size from 4” to 16”.
Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel construction

Examples of Champion Self-Cleaning Back Flush Strainers  Applications:

Process water 
Cooling water  
RO pre-filtration