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Metal working fluids filter

Text Box: Most metal working operations call for use of lubricants or coolants to lubricate the surface between work piece and tool and remove heat generated by the process. Additional advantages offered by such fluids are washing of fine swarf from the work area and corrosion inhibition. The most common choice is an oil water emulsion, the oil content provides the lubrication and the water acting as main cooling agent.
Deteriorating coolant properties can lead to loss of precision in work, reduced tool life and heavy wear on machine parts, need for frequent replenishment of coolant and unpleasant environment (smells, fumes, risk of skin disease). 
Champion offers effective coolant filters for cleaning of whole coolant circulation system. Whatever may be the type of contaminant whether fine or coarse, fibrous, chips, slushy, needles or quality of water (Hard water can cause scum which clogs filters, Soft water can cause foaming—if highly agitated).
Champion Coolant Filters can handle them all. It has a built-in automatic cleaning system to backwash the collected contaminants at preset time/differential pressure ratings. So no operator is required to monitor or maintain the filter.
Champion Automatic Coolant Filters continuously remove solid contaminants up to 5 microns size and keep the coolant clear. This helps in maintaining good quality of emulsion.

Coolant Filter - TISCO HRM