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Champion Evaporators.

Text Box: Champion evaporators utilize the latest technology 3/8” OD tubing engineered  specifically for refrigerant evaporation. Special enhancements produce exceptional  performance in a very compact size. Refrigerant boils readily against the  surface. reducing the overall vessel size and cost. The new generation of Champion refrigerant evaporators are designed for industrial refrigeration duty and are available in many nominal sizes and configurations to meet almost any thermal and physical needs of OEM’s and end users.
Capacity : from 3 to 250 tons.
Shell : Steel Pipe as per ASME specification
Tubes : Copper high performance enhanced design, roller expanded into  multiple-grooved tube sheet.
Tube sheet- Flange quality steel to ASME specifications. Precision machined for excellent sealing
Baffles - Hot-rolled steel for enhanced  strength and reliability. Engineered for correct fit to reduce tube wall damage from high velocity fluids.
Heads - Fabricated to ASME specifications and designed to provide superior gas distribution and controlled velocity.
Connections - Refrigerant connections are steel and bored to ODS of copper tubing. Shell connections are FPT. Thermo well, vent and drain connections are also provided.
Codes- The refrigerant side is constructed to the latest edition of the ASME Section VIII Div. 1 code.
Refrigerant side pressure is designed for 250 PSI at 100°F. Shell side design pressure is 150 PSI at 120°F. Both circuits are tested at 1.25 times the design pressure under water and dried prior to sealing.
Finish - Exterior surfaces are cleaned and painted with a high quality primer.
Insulation - Optional 3/4” insulation in single or double thickness is available.