Champion specializes in manufacture of In Line Basket Strainers to suit applications of various industries like Cement Plants, Petrochemicals, Oil Processing Industries, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Refineries and other Process Industries.

Champion In Line Basket Strainers can be installed with great amount of ease and speed. They can be used to filter virtually all fluids.

photographic emulsions, solvents, hydrofluoric acid, paints, mains water, Sulphuric acid, water for washing gas, galvanizing bath, boiler feed water, degreasing bath, cooling water, e water, mordant baths, factory water, iron chloride, rinsing baths, varnish, pigmented lacquers, fuels, wire lacquer, developers, synthetic resin lacquers, electrolytes, miscella, fixing baths, glycerin, mineral oil, wetting agents, glazes, can lacquers, Polyalcohol, gelatin, polyester, glue, styrene, suspensions, gold salts, hydrochloric acid, ammonium nitrate, potassium hydroxide, radioactive residues, ethanol, sodium chloride, chromic acid, methanol, acetone, benzyl, nitric acid, butane, oil lacquer, chloroform, glycol, enamel, hexane, acetic acid, potassium bromide, bleaching lye, tetra Hydrofurane.

· Line Sizes from 1” to 48”

· Material of Construction : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Monel.

· Flanged Connection : ANSI, BS.

· Quick Opening Swing Bolt Closure  with Davit Arm (optional)

· Basket : Stainless Steel Perforated, Mesh or Mesh Lined.

· Options : Alloy Construction for Body & Baskets, Duplex Configuration, ASME Code Construction, Other Pressure Ratings, RTJ-style connections

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Champion In-Line Strainers