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Champion Automatic backwash filters

How Champion Automatic Backwash Strainer works?

The debris laden dirty fluid enters the strainer’s large bottom chamber where the line velocity gets reduced. Flow continues upward passing in a  radial manner through the “sealed” screen element.

Unwanted materials are trapped on the inside of the filter element screen. The fluid keeps getting filtered and comes out clean through the outlet nozzle. As the filter screen gets loaded with dirt, the differential pressure keep raising.

There is hollow full flow backwash arm extending the full length of the filter element. This can rotate and is piped to atmosphere through a backwash valve.

When the differential pressure crosses the pre-set limits. The backwash valve opens the system to atmosphere causing a high velocity reverse flow across the isolated section of screen. Dirt and debris are flushed out from this segment of the screen into the backwash arm and out of the strainer via the backwash piping.

During the backwashing cycle the main flow is uninterrupted and continues to be strained in the normal manner. The control system would automatically close the backwash valve after the screen is cleaned.

These units can also be operated manually from the control panel or in continuous backwash mode.


Power Plants : Treatment of Industrial Water for cooling generators and filtration of sealing water to increase the service life of the Turbine Shaft sliding-ring seals in Hydro-Electric Power Stations.

Steel Industry: Protection of nozzles and pumps during high-pressure descaling, water treatment for blast furnaces, rolling mills, cleaning, quenching applications.

Chemical Industry : Improvement of product quality by filtering process media. Filtration of White water, Black Liquor, Starch, Fuel oils, Caustic Solutions, Cooking oils, brackish/salt intake water etc. For filtration of water used for cooling, process, fire protection applications.

Pulp & Paper Industry : Removal of fibers from white water filtrate, Protection of spray nozzles for screens of paper making machines. This reduces frequent failures caused due to clogging and wear.

Mining : By filtering underground, spray water of even quality is assured. This results in more reliable operation of pumps and disc cutting machines

Environmental Technology. Used as pre-filters before waste water treatment plants, UV Treatment, Reverse Osmosis, membrane filtration etc.

Sewage Treatment Plants : During Production of industrial water, filtration of a take off of the clear run can be used to save valuable drinking or well water.

Heat Transfer / Heat Supply : Protects heat Exchangers from clogging & wear