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Micron Filter

Champion MICRON CARTRIDGE FILTERS offer superior clarity of filtration and add that  extra sparkle to water after filtration.

These Micron Filters are generally applied to remove very fine suspended impurities, colloidal matter, chlorine traces sand particles.

Micron Cartridge Filters are in line units capable of working at a maximum line pressure of up to 25 kg./sq. cm.


Available in various models with Capacities of 100, 500, 1500, 3000, 5000, 7000, 10000,

 12000, 18000, 21000. 24000, 30000 Liters.

Manufactured in Sanitary design for  sterile filtration of air and liquid and Industrial design for water, air liquid and steam applications.

Applications include

1 For clarifying water used for blending in wines, liquors, breweries, soft drinks aerated & mineral water plants.
3. For clarifying water used for liquid preparations, vial & ampoule washing in pharmaceutical industries.
4. For filtration of water used for syrups, fruit juices, health drink & other food items in food industries.
5. For clarifying chemically pure water used in electronic, optical paper etc. industries.
6. For water used in aqua-culture, plants, hatcheries, canning, meat processing, etc. industries.