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Plastic strainers

Text Box: Champion All-Plastic Filters & Strainers.
In many corrosive or sensitive process media straining applications, plastic is preferred material of construction for a strainer or filter. 
Champion manufactures Simplex & Duplex Filters in PVC (Polyvinyl chloride ) , CPVC (Chlorinated Poly vinyl chloride), PP (Polypropylene) for wide variety of corrosive acids and other aggressive chemicals. Champion PP PVC CPVC filters work in applications which might require a much more expensive exotic alloy strainer.  As they are plastic they do not contaminate sensitive process media such as photographic chemicals and de-ionized water.
A PVC CPVC PP Simplex Strainer consists of one single filter housing with filter element.  A Duplex PP CPVC PVC Strainer consists of two numbers of simplex strainers connected by two numbers of three way valves. Flow can be diverted from one strainer to the other by an all-plastic three way ball valve assembly.  A quick turn of the handle diverts the flow. The handle points to the basket chamber in service, making it easy to determine which basket needs servicing. The strainer covers spin off for fast and easy access to the baskets for cleaning or change out.
Viton® seals are standard on all sizes of Champion All plastic simplex duplex filters. The cover o-rings are a piston seal assuring a leak tight assembly with the covers only hand tight.
Champion plastic duplex strainers can be used in many applications, some that you may think may require metal strainers only.
Think of replacing a metal strainer with a plastic one to take advantage of lower costs and better corrosion resistance. Contact Champion for specific recommendations for your system.
Champion All Plastic Filters are the answer for highly corrosive or ultra-pure applications. They are available up to sizes of 10” NB with socket, threaded & flanged connections.
Contact us with details of your application.