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Pressure screens for Paper and Pulp Mills.

Text Box: Champion offers large range of screens for exclusive use in Pulp & Paper Industry like

Top Separators		  	Cooker Screens			Side Plate Extractors	

High & Low Consistency Screens 	Centrifuge Pulp Screens		Black Liquor Drainers

The screen basket is the main component replaced when pulp quality or capacity drifts beyond acceptable limits. Champion offers complete and the best international range of pressure screen baskets used worldwide by Pulp—Paper Mills in various configurations like

Welded Wedge Wire Screen (Imported from U.K)
Loop Wedge Wire Screen (Imported from Germany)
Perforated Baskets & Slotted Screens made in house.

Champion Pressure screens are utilized in most of the  pulp processing plants to remove undesirable particles and/or improve fiber quality characteristics. 

The radial spacing between the rotor and basket normally ranges from 2 to 3 mm, hence the importance of accurate concentricity and basket roundness to obtain uniform cleaning across the entire basket surface. Simultaneously, the mechanical strength of the Champion baskets are designed to withstand the high-frequency dynamic loading created by the rotor. 

The design of the screen basket exerts a dominating influence on the efficiency of the pressure screen. 

The positive portion of the pressure pulses pumps the stock through the basket. The negative portion of the pressure pulses reverses the flow to clean the internal basket surface and prevent plugging. 

This action avoids the unwanted excessive accumulation of fibers, fiber bundles and other particles (example - dirt) potentially impairing capacity. 

Champion designs & manufactures  Pressure screen basket by taking into consideration very important parameters like 

Basket slot /hole/opening size  				B)   The internal profile of the wire/hole
C)       The passing velocity of the pulp slurry through the slots. 	D)    Position of Screen
Type of pulp 						F)    Feed consistency 
G)       Freeness  						H)    Fiber length distribution
I) 	Wood species etc

So if you have any requirement of spares for Bird /Beloit/ Black Clawson/ Sunds / Lamort /Ahlstrom/ Impco/ Gl & V or any other pressure screen basket. 

Just send us an email. We  have exclusive tie-ups with reputed manufacturers of these spares and so can offer the globally best product at locally cheapest prices!!.