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Moulded rubber gaskets

Text Box: Champion specializes in providing customized rubber parts to  customers' drawings and specifications in a timely and cost effective manner. Due to our wide range of molding techniques, we are able to offer very competitive part and tooling prices. 
We have produced rubber parts in hardness ranging from 5 to 90 Shore A durometer through casting, compression, transfer and injection molding processes.
We make rubber balls, bellows, bumpers, bushings, caps, cups, discs, feet, gaskets, grommets, guards, mounts, pads, plugs, rings, seals, sleeves, vibration absorbers, spacers, stoppers, tips and washers.
Our core specialty products are ready to use rubber gaskets for flanges in hydraulic and lubricating oil lines. 
We make rubber moulded components in



·  Neoprene

·  Fluorosilicone

·  Polyisoprene

·  Butyl

·  Urethane


· Nitrile (Buna N)

·  Silicone

·  Natural Rubber

·  Viton®*

·  Epichlorohydrin

·  Polyacrylate

·  FDA Compounds

(*Du-pont Regd. Trademark)