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Sieve Bends

CHAMPION Static Sieve Bends are the result of thirty years of field experience in working with plant circuits and systems. We listened to what process engineers and plant operators asked for, then we designed and built CHAMPION's complete line of profile screen surfaces, feed boxes, screen holders and turnarounds.

Champion's Sieve Bends can be used in high capacity, wet screening circuits, as an economical means for classifying and dewatering for all industries.

Standard Sieve Bends are manufactured in 3 ft. to 10 ft. widths; 45. 60 or 120 arcs; 30", 40", 60" or 80" radii.

Feed Boxes, Screen Holders, and Turnarounds are manufactured from carbon or stainless steel.

Ceramic Lined Feed Boxes and Screen Holders are available.

Feed Boxes (standard or custom design) are designed with baffles to feed slurry into a pool to reduce the kinetic energy of the onrushing slurry.

The unique Feed Gate is designed so that the operator may adjust and clean the opening to evenly distribute the slurry across the entire width of the screen at right angles to each knife sharp profile wire and slot opening.

Sieve Screen Holders are designed for either 30, 40, 60 or 80 radii, 45, 60 or 120 arcs. Champion can custom design to suit customer requirements. Feed Lips and Discharge Lips are designed to be replaced with minimum maintenance, requiring removal of only four bolts.

Champion manufactures the widest range of Profile Sieve Screens in the industry today, with particle separation ranging from 50 microns and up. The profile screen surface has knife sharp edges for removal of layers of liquid and undersize material as the liquid passes the opening thus preventing blinding of the slot opening. The undersize material is classified at approximately one half the screen opening.

The particle shape, volume of undersize and amount of near size material as it passes over the openings of the curved screen determine the size separation, as well as the volume that will pass through the screen. A curved sieve screen has proven to be more efficient than a flat sieve screen since the curve induces centrifugal forces which hold the slurry to the screen surface.

Champion Sieve Screens are available in various options of profile wire size and opening to suit each application-see profile screen selection data.

In dewatering and classifying below 60 mesh separation a lower percent solids-to-slurry ratio is required.

Sieve Screen Turnarounds are essential for ease of periodic reversal of the sieve screens. When the leading edges of the profile wires are worn, it is time to reverse the sieve screen for maximum performance of the screen. The turnaround is designed for one man to easily reverse the screen. The turnaround incorporates a safety latch to keep the sieve screen locked in position.