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Moulded urethane — Polyurethane Products


Our knowledge  & experience of the basic chemistry of these polymers and the experience in their production fully convinced us that in many cases the possibility to produce complex technical articles and the quality of the moulded polymer is connected in a direct and complex way to a series of parameters that must be accurately controlled and steadily governed.

Champion urethane casting facility is built with a complete range of different regulations able to satisfy the technological and engineering needs requested by the urethane polymers working processes.

 This technology allows the use of all different types of urethane polymers without being forced to seek compromises regarding the different working conditions, the chemistry and the polymer fluid-dynamic characteristics; reaching the highest quality and constancy of quality of the final product.

The choice of the building materials and of the several engineering and working processes are studied, planned and tested.

 The simultaneous mixing of more than one material with colours, auxiliaries and catalysts allows us to optimize the production cycles varying from one shot to the other the output, the hardness, the colours and the weight of the moulded piece and at the same time always keeping the highest metering accuracy and avoiding the scraps. So we offer the best prices to our Customers

The choice of a Champion Urethane means the best control of the chemistry of polymers at best prices.

Although all elastomers maintain strength and versatility in many industrial applications, polyurethane elastomers possess several advantages over other elastomers and materials.

Urethane has higher abrasion, cut, tear, oil, ozone and radiation resistance, greater load bearing ability, broader hardness range and better color ability than rubber.

As compared to metal, urethane has better noise reduction and resilience, greater abrasion, corrosion and impact resistance, more flexibility and is less costly to fabricate.

Polyurethane is also lightweight, easily moldable, non-conductive and non-sparking. Urethane wins out over plastic in many applications, as it has higher impact, low temperature, cold flow, radiation and abrasion resistance, better elastic memory and noise reduction capabilities, greater resilience and provides lower cost tooling.

Champion has developed many products for

Construction—Engineering—Automotive Industries :Cellular Suspension Units, Press Tool Blocks, Grommets, Bearing Bushes, Shock Absorber Bushes.

 Mining Industries :Rope Pulley Linings, Conveyor Belt, Scraper Blades, Abrasion Resistant Strips, Hydraulic Seals, Pressure Pads, Pneumatic Seals, Buffers, Drive Rollers.

Textile : Knitting machine falling bars, Yarn feed rollers, Loom pickers, machine couplings

Sheets : Polyurethane sheets in sizes up to 2mts X 3mts X 5,8,10,15,25,40 mm thickness.

Wheels : Trolleys roller wheels up to 600 mm dia.

Gears  : Custom Built Components