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Text Box: Champion offers  Optima® wedge wire screens for various applications  
Wedge wire screens are superior for retaining media, filtering, and sizing. In comparison with wire mesh and perforated metal, wedge wire continuous slot screens have more open area, have very precise openings, are stronger and more durable, are virtually non-clogging and reduce media abrasion. Wire mesh and perforated metal may be less expensive initially, but wedgewire screens offer easier installation and long-term operating and cost benefits. Wedge wire screens have maximum design flexibility, can be constructed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from a variety of corrosion resistant alloys such as type 304, 316, 316L, 321, and 410S stainless steels, as well as nickel alloys such as C-276. 
Wedge Wire Screens are All-Welded for Strength
Each intersection of rod and wire in a wedge wire screen is welded. The strength achieved by this method offers several vital benefits: 
 Reduced costs, since wedge wire screens have a very long life.
 Greater resistance to stresses of differential pressure and temperature cycling.
Wedge Wire is Economical
Economy is achieved through the simple design, which results in a screen with low initial cost, minimum maintenance needs and simplified installation. 
Reduced Installation Costs:
Costly support media can be eliminated.
Components are easily assembled.
Reduced Operating Costs:
Non-clogging slot design results in low head loss for lower operating cost.
Non-clogging slot design results in reduction of downtime caused by plugged screens.
High strength and durability reduces chance of screen failure and loss of media.
Reduced Maintenance Costs:
Due to the smooth surface and rigid construction, abrasion of media particles is eliminated, increasing the effective life of expensive media, resulting in longer intervals between cleaning cycles.
Panels or Screens constructed with wedgewire have significantly greater durability than perforated metal and wire mesh
Applications of wedge wire screens are 
Minerals processing—screening, washing, sizing, dewatering & classification of coal, coke & related products.
Products are available in looped or welded construction for  Centrifuge Baskets, Flat Static/Vibrating Screens, Sieve Bends.
Applications : Coal and Coke Washeries, Potash, Salt, Sugar, Paper & Pulp, Pharmaceuticals to name a few.
Food Processing— processing of grading, deleafing, transporting, dewatering, reclaiming & recycling.
The process of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, salads, snacks, confectionery and dairy products can feature wedge wire in some part of the procedure whether for washing, improving the quality of waste water or size classification.
Malting, Brewing & Distilling— The high open area achieved by wedge wire and its resistance to blinding of the product makes it an ideal solution for germination floors, kiln floors, steep cones, mash tun and lauter tun floors.
Water & Waste Water Treatment— Wedge wire installation directly results in reduced environmental pollution levels & lower costs.  Solutions include
Upward Flow Clarifiers
Storm overflow screens
River water intake screens
Fish Protection Guards.